Institute for Catholic Liberal Arts Education

A Saint Brigid Catholic Liberal Arts Education focuses on the development of the whole child: mind, body, and soul, through a Christ-centered approach, using the liberal arts. Liberal, from the Latin word, liber, which means free, is ordered to the Truth that sets us free. We have partnered with the Institute for Catholic Liberal Arts Education to help us in achieving our goals of cultivating a sense of awe and wonder while at the same time preparing our students for our ultimate goal, eternal life in Heaven.

This process, already in progress, will take us about three years to be complete. Our year one (2023-2024) focus will be on our math and science curricula (in all grades) and the addition of Spanish, PE, Art, Drama and Band to our middle school classes. Our year two (2024-2025) focus will be on history and English and our year three (2025-2026) focus will be on refining and keying in on our questioning and discussion techniques.

Parents can expect to see students develop a love of thinking and of learning. You can expect lots of creative assignments, lots of writing, and some additional memory work on basic facts. You can expect students to be engaged in the learning process and in concept formation.

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