Our Mission and Philosophy

At Saint Brigid Catholic School, nourished by The Word and Sacraments, we find life in Christ by gathering disciples for worship, service, and education.

Philosophy and Goals
Saint Brigid Catholic School believes in the education of the whole child — mind, body and spirit — in an environment that will enable students to develop to their fullest potential. Catholic values are integrated into the overall school environment to reinforce values taught at home by parents. Essential to our goals is the celebration of liturgy and prayer, a strong academic program, and opportunities for each child to sense his or her worth in the eyes of God and him or herself. Saint Brigid Catholic School seeks to be an example of a living faith community. We strive to be of service to each other, parents, parishioners and the community.

Belief Statements
To achieve our vision for excellence at Saint Brigid Catholic School, we commit ourselves:

  • To make known to each student that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior
  • To develop a respect for others, young and old, as persons loved and saved by Christ
  • To instill a basic understanding of Catholic ideals and attitudes in our students
  • To enable each student to develop and improve basic skills necessary for a strong academic foundation
  • To help each student develop the power to think constructively and reason independently
  • To provide experiences through which each student can develop their creativity and appreciation of aesthetic values
  • To promote a positive attitude toward physical development and healthful living
  • To develop a sense of one’s individual worth
  • To help students accept responsibility for their own behavior