Vote No On Proposal 3

This ballot issue is not partisan and is a moral issue that the Church can and should address. I hope you will take the time to read this if you question the Church’s, the Bishop’s or my intent in speaking against Proposal 3 and encouraging a NO vote. It is my duty as a pastor to share the truth, and in this case I speak in love, and a deep desire to share communion with each of you. It is Jesus’ desire that we be drawn closer together, and not bitterly divided. Let’s unite in our opposition to this poorly constructed Constitutional Amendment. I’d like to share reasons to Vote NO with me.

First, there is the long standing teaching in the Church that every life is a gift, that abortion is murder.  However, if you keep reading you will discover that there is reason to Vote NO on this amendment that does not depend on the sanctity of life argument.

Additionally, the rights granted in the proposal are broad, unspecific and general.  This means it is written to encourage future litigation which will greatly expand the application of the amendment beyond what the ballot summary and those who promote the amendment state. In short order Michigan would be a place where anyone, anywhere at anytime could seek an abortion, sterilization or infertility care.  Parents need not consent, and if the individual exercising this new right freely consents then there are no consequences even if the individual is horribly injured or killed.  Want to see line by line how this is possible read

If Proposal 3 passes it will be part of the state’s constitution! It is not easy to amend or change the constitution.  Vote NO to preserve Parental Rights, Informed Consent, Regulation for women’s care and because every life is a gift. If you disagree with even a small part of this Amendment VOTE NO.