Easter Greetings 2023!

Christ is Risen Alleluia! Truly He is risen Alleluia!

These words echo around the world today as still in 2023 we are unpacking the implications of the resurrection.  We live in a world which proclaims freedom to act on your feelings.  In so many ways we focus on our feelings.  Jesus doesn’t overcome our feelings, but he opens up a new way forward.  We can respond to God’s presence.  During Lent we have simplified our lives in our practice of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  Now we are invited to let the risen Lord fill in those spaces.  That we can respond to the living presence of God in our life.  Feelings can overwhelm or crush.  Jesus’ resurrection means we are able to float up to the top and breath the life giving air of His Gospel.

Think of this, rather than being trapped in the pool of our own thoughts, feelings or opinions Jesus lifts us to the surface of these waters so we can know the eternal presence of God. You have likely experienced stress and trauma in the past or may be experiencing it now. Jesus has opened the waters for us all to know the journey is safe, Jesus has freed us from the grave.  What graves has Jesus ripped open for you? What waters and concerns would you like the risen Lord to help you navigate to the surface and take a deep breath of Grace?

He busted the grave open once and will do it again just ask.