Academic/Spiritual Program

Saint Brigid Elementary School is part of the educational system established by the Diocese of Saginaw, with a core curriculum that is aligned with state standards and developed by the Saginaw Diocese Office of Education and includes religion, language arts (reading, writing, phonics, and spelling), science, social studies, and math. Students also receive instruction in Spanish, information technology, art, physical education, vocal music, and band. Additional programs that provide knowledge and growth for students and are included in our core curriculum include:

  • D.A.R.E. – a program in collaboration with the Midland Police Department that teaches students how to “just say no” to drugs, alcohol, violence, and smoking
  • Junior Achievement – a volunteer-led program that fosters work-readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy skills
  • Child Lures Prevention Program – assists in protecting students, both offline and online

Faith Education
The sharing and development of our Catholic faith, traditions, and values are taught in formal lessons and incorporated into the academic curriculum and daily activities. Students join together in the Circle of Prayer daily in the classroom and weekly as a full student body, and attend Mass each Wednesday, with each grade rotating responsibility for Mass ministries. Students also attend other prayer and church services and programs throughout the school year.

Special Needs
A part-time reading specialist and tutors work with students who read below their grade level. When time permits, they also work on enrichment activities with students. Certified speech and occupational therapy are also available on-site.

Typical School Day and Times
7:55 a.m. School begins for all grades
7:55 – 3:00 p.m. Full elementary school day

School Policies
Our forms and policies page contains our uniform policy and other resources for students and parents.

Classroom Websites
Each elementary classroom teacher maintains a website with current class information, as well as links to help students further their studies outside of the classroom. Visit these websites to discover what St. Brigid students are learning about.