Coordinator of Youth Ministry Job Opening

Catholic Diocese of Saginaw
Saint Brigid Parish Coordinator of Youth Ministry

TITLE: Coordinator of Youth Ministry DEPARTMENT/OFFICE: Faith Formation
SUPERVISOR: Pastor/Pastoral Administrator
STATUS: Part Time, Hourly, non-exempt
DATE: November 2018

The Coordinator of Youth Ministry works closely with the Director of Sacramental Preparation and Coordinator of Faith Formation and other MACC parishes’ formation staff to ensure that all middle school, high school, and young adults have access to formation opportunities. This individual should be passionate for the needs of teens and willing to relate to them. While compliance with Safe Environment for youth standards must always be observed. This individual should be willing to consider reimagining youth ministry so that our Parish reaches out to those not present, evangelizing even those who are not practicing a faith they have been initiated into via the Sacraments, or who have yet to receive any Sacraments.

Essential Functions
• Works with direction from the Pastor or Pastoral Administrator together with the Director of Sacramental Preparation and Coordinator of Faith Formation, as appropriate to engage high school youth and provide ministry and enrichment opportunities from middle school to adulthood
• Provides the structure the youth need to participate in diocesan and national events
• Provides primary leadership for the design and implementation of parish faith formation for teens
• Works to form parents and adults to also walk with these children in their faith in order to build their discipleship as well
• Attends and coordinates sufficient chaperones for major youth functions such as March for Life, Y2Y, and other events as scheduled
Specific Duties and Responsibilities
• Coordination of the High school youth program:
o Oversight of weekly sessions with the assistance of YM Catechists
o Responsible for securing the facilities needed for the program, the care of these facilities during the programs and the necessary clean-up after the programs are completed
o Participation in Midland Area Catholic Youth events and regular communication with YM leadership in area parishes
o Invites, motivates, and forms volunteers to serve as responsible catechists
o Fundraising and responsible budgeting to reduce the cost of trips, conferences and events for teens nationally and internationally
o Willing to imagine new ways of presence and ministry in the community and to those on the margins
• Participates in the parish advisory board for education and formation
• Provides parish staff resources and brings youth concerns to parish leadership
• Promotes good public relations both within and beyond the parish and participates in regional and diocesan events
• Evaluate, coordinate and supervise Construction Zone after school program for Middle School
• Pastor/Pastoral Administrator — immediate supervisor
• Director of Sacramental Preparation and Coordinator of Faith Formation –team members
• Other Parish Staff — close cooperation and communication, seeking staff involvement and input when appropriate
• Area Faith Formation Staff – collaborate and coordinate on multi parish programs
• Parish Pastoral Council — attend regular meetings or sending a YM report
• Parish Faith Formation Commission — Participate and assist the Coordinator of Faith Formation as needed.
• Parents and Other Parishioners — regular communication and seek input as appropriate
• Diocesan Offices — regular communications, adherence to diocesan policies, especially regarding Child and Youth Protection
Ability to keep up with the dynamic pace of working with parishioners according to their Faith Formation needs (may involve occasional light lifting and moving). Weekend work will frequently be expected and required.
• Fully initiated Catholic in good standing
• Previous Ministry to teens or young adults a plus
• Positive, friendly and welcoming
• Ability to deal pleasantly and effectively with people, both over the phone and in person
• Flexible, punctual, reliable, resourceful, and efficient
• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Organizational and planning skills
• Computer and general office skills (Word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and basic photo editing)
• Self-starter and team orientated
• Complete all training and background checks as required by the Diocese of Saginaw standards for contact with youth
• Three years’ experience with a parish faith formation program
• Previous Experience in parish faith formation or some applicable degree (example BA in theology) or certificate in catechesis.
• Record of attendance at diocesan workshops and programs for ongoing education
• Official teachings of the Catholic Faith (cf. CCC)
• Principles of catechesis for all age levels Multi cultural dimensions of catechesis
• Catechetical resources and their application for all age levels Diocesan and national expectations and trends in catechesis
• The Church’s vision for discipleship and evangelization (for example, cf. the USCCB document, Disciples Called to Witness
• Understand the partnership of family, parish community and catechists as essential agents in the catechetical process
• Articulate a vision for comprehensive youth ministry based on the major catechetical documents of the Church and in response to the current culture of the Parish boundaries
• Inform, support, and resource parents or primary care givers in the religious formation of their teens
• Review, evaluate and reimagine youth ministry in a way that reaches out to those not present, helping the parish to evangelize even those who are not practicing a faith they have been initiated into via the Sacraments.
• Utilize appropriate written and audio-visual resources, social media, and technology for effective program implementation
• Cooperate with and assist the school principal in carrying out the goals in relation to middle school and transition to High School.
• Promote and implement diocesan policies and guidelines regarding youth ministry and respond to requests for reports, surveys and program evaluations
I understand this job description and its requirements. I understand that this is not an exclusive list of the job functions and that I am expected to complete all duties as assigned. I understand the job functions may be altered by management without notice. I understand that this job description in no way constitutes an employment agreement and that I am an at-will employee.

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Talking Church Talk “W Y Z”

Wisdom literature is the term given to some books in the Old Testament that are not historical or prophetic but more didactic in nature. The books of Job, Sirach, Wisdom, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, though of differing literary forms, give instruction in the understanding and answering of the questions that all generations have asked: the reasons for suffering, the problem of evil, how to find happiness, the meaning of death.

YHWH (Yaweh) is the Hebrew name for God that is so holy that it should not be spoken aloud. The four consonants are known as the sacred tetragrammaton . It can be translated as “I am who I am” or “I am who I will be” by which we understand God as Creator and Source of all life. When it occurs in a written text it is usual to read it as Adonai (the Lord) or HaShem (the Name). In 2008 Pope Benedict reiterated that YHWH was not to be spoken or sung during liturgies following the long custom of the Church (since the earliest translations of the Bible were made) to follow the Jewish practice of not uttering the sacred name.

Zion is the name of the hill that Jerusalem is built upon and in the bible is therefore a synonym for Jerusalem. In Christian thought, Zion is a synonym for heaven as the city of God and the final home for all who faithfully follow Christ.